Rojene Bailey - Blues Time In The City

Sunday, from 18:00 to 20:00

Rojene Bailey is best known as host of BluesTime in the City on KISS 104.1 and WCLK-FM Radio in Atlanta Georgia.  He’s also known for his many years as a multi-emmy award winning television producer/director.  He is currently retired from television, and is the volunteer Executive Director of The Educational Foundational and Museum of Beulah Rucker Inc.

He was educated at Columbus College in Columbus Georgia, now Columbus University, and got his start in television there.  He finished Elkins Institute in Atlanta where he earned an engineering license.  Working as an engineer and news director for ten years at WYEA-TV in Columbus, he moved to Atlanta in 1977 to give Public Television a try, where he eventually retired. 

Over the years, Rojene has produced, directed, written and edited hundreds of different programs for Georgia Public Television and other organizations, including the Georgia Music Hall of Fame where he is the only producer/director to win an EMMY for the live production, The Lawmakers, Extensions of Congo Square, PrimeTime, PostScript, and many others. He has received numerous awards for his work including 18 Emmy nominations, winning 6 of the statues, and he was inducted into the NATAS Silver Circle, for lifetime achievement in November 2002.  In October 2002, he officially retired from Georgia Public Broadcasting, but not from the television industry.

Rojene also has a distinguished, parallel in radio. In 1985 he hit the radio airwaves with “The New Atlanta Blues Show”. Being a Blues enthusiast and collector, what began as a one-time special for a fundraiser, evolved into the top-rated show on Saturdays in Atlanta.

The “Saturday Morning Blues Show” on WCLK radio was the top-rated Arbitron show in its time slot in the Atlanta market.  In 1998, Rojene decided to concentrate on golf and to relax, and left the Saturday Morning Blues Show.  In less than two weeks, he was called by David Dickey, owner of KISS-104.7 FM, to become the host of their blues show.  Rojene accepted, and a new venture was under way. 

Blues on commercial radio. According to the Arbitron rating services, Down Home Blues with Rojene Bailey, later changed to BluesTime in the Citybecame the top rated show in it’s time slot, 4pm – 7pm in the city.  It was a top 3 program in it’s time slot until Rojene left the station in 2009.

Recently married, calm and laid back, Rojene spends much of his time volunteering in the community.  He also spends much of his time playing golf, where he has determined he will never master, but certainly enjoy.