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Join Ty & Debb on Tough Talk Today, "Saturday's at 9am" as they discuss off the cuff conversations from a public opinion perspective! Conversations that some dare to discuss! You got a topic you want us to discuss email us at and yours may be a topic of discussion.

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About The Show Host & Creator

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Tyishua McCoy 

Tyishua McCoy is a singer/songwriter, a Brand Ambassador for Colour U Cosmetics, Founder/CEO of 7 City Divaz, and the Nonprofit organization Build Not Break, the Host of the Tough Talk Today Show and Co Author of the book “I Support Her, The Anthology 

Tyishua has created and purposed each one of the entities that she has envisioned to assist in the building and strengthening those in the community.  

Mrs. McCoy currently holds a Masters Degree in Business Management.  Her main objective is to make significant strides in the community by uplifting, edifying and encouraging others. She has taken the time to mentor men, women and children of all backgrounds, ages, races, and beliefs.   

Tyishua was raised by a single mother, who raised her, “to treat people the way you want to be treated,” especially women. She says as she watched the women in her family, and how they treated each other, it was evident that the highest level of respect, was given to the eldest women, and it was imperative to do so.   

While in the midst of my own trials and turmoil of life as a teenager, I experienced homelessness, teen pregnancy; sexual assault, judicial issues as well as parents who dealt with substance abuse. 

It is important that we set inspiring examples for our youth, so that their quality of life will continue to be enhanced.  I have seen so many women hurt by other women, which can and has led to gender hatred.   We are on the rise for change! 

Mrs. McCoy will continue to build a platform to help people identify their weaknesses and strengths, which will allow for those in our community of all ages to fulfill their purpose in life.  Knowing your self-worth will not only advance one to succeed in life, but it will allow you to have the type of self-confidence that others will admire, and will want to seek within themselves.    

The vision, mission, and objectives of this women, will be to serve as a conduit to empower, inspire and strengthen all in the areas of their lives, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially 

This is and will continue to be my mission daily! 

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Debbruedell (Deb) M. Harris-Long is a native of Brooklyn, NY. She is a graduate of Norfolk State University with a B.S. degree in Speech Pathology/Audiology. After returning home for an extended period of time, she relocated to Virginia with her family. Her love for impacting the community led her to become a Parent Involvement Specialist for seven plus years. She is a member of New Mt. Vernon Baptist Church where she is the Mass Choir Ministry Leader. She is also a member of the Praise and Worship Team. She was a recipient of the Feminine Freedom Award in 2019. Debbruedell is currently a member of 7CityDivaz of Hampton Roads where they thrive to inspire and empower women in their community. Her newest venture is being the Co-Host on her YouTube channel ToughTalkToday. Tough Talk Today discusses off the cuff conversations from a public opinion perspective. 

Debbruedell stands true to her core values of faith, integrity, and dedication. She reaches others with her humor, warmth, and compassion. She is a wife, mother, and mentor. One of her biggest strengths is being transparent. What you see is what you get. From life lessons of understanding the design behind her purpose, to now having a platform to share with others, we all have a purpose designed by God.