The Dave Tolliver Experience Saturday's 10pm - Midnight

Saturday, from 22:00 to 23:59

The Dave Tolliver Experience with DJ Deuce & DJ Jus Nice

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Everybody says radio is dead. They say it’s boring, and it’s lost its personal touch you know no personality! We have the cure, it’s the “Dave Tolliver Experience”! The hottest new show to hit the airwaves since well……… I don’t know when.

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Dave Tolliver of the legendary RnB duo Men At Large is back in the driver seat where he started years ago in the city of Cleveland where he got his start. This time he brought help. In order to get the chip you need a great team, just ask Lebron, Shaq, or Magic!

Dave enlisted veteran east coast DJs Jus Nice from the Bronx and  DJ Deuce from Newark.

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Together they form the three-headed monster of radio! They mix and play all the old school RnB and hip hop classics and sometimes a little something extra. While they’re in the back cooking on the 1s and 2s I’m up in the front clowning, singing ,rapping, and just acting a damn fool. We got dope topics, funny stories,  and a whole lotta more! Hey, everybody loves a party and bullISH ain’t always bad! It’s  “The Dave Tolliver Experience” tell yo mama nem’!

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