Jay Francis Springs

January 04, 2023 - 1215 views


Jay Francis Springs and his Wife, Nellie Gwynn Springs live in the historic community of South Atlanta and are the parents of five children. He is a broadcast professional with a successful career in radio and television, developing marketing and advertising campaigns for large and small business owners, and establishing media outreach programs for churches and ministries. He gets them to understand why their product, service, business, church or ministry, is selected over those of their competitors.  Side-by-Side with Larry Young, Jay Francis Springs oversees business development and community relations for AM 1010 The King.

 Jay Francis Springs is a community leader, and has been involved with neighborhood organizations, advocating on behalf of the quality of life for the disadvantaged and disenfranchised, serving as the chairperson of community based organizations, City of Atlanta, Fulton County and Federal government boards, and as a key cluster coordinator for President Jimmy Carter during the Atlanta Project.